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Avenue Trees

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We are one of the largest multipurpose Avenue Trees suppliers in India. Our avenue trees are high on demand in the market for their versatile domestic as well as industrial uses. The trees avenue we deal in are accessible in wide variety like elephent trees, khasid, sissoo, sawan, silver oak, gliricidia and so on. These trees are remarkable for their strength and multifarious uses. Apart from this, they also have very endurable timbers that are widely used for the manufacturing of various utility wooden products and accessories.


Botanical name Common name
Adianthera povanica Lal chiroti
Albizzia richardiana Elephent trees
Cassia siamia Khasid
Erithrenia verginata  
Dalbergia sissoo Sissoo
Gmelina arboria Sawan
Grevillia robusta Silver oak
Gliricidia Gliricidia
Madhuca latifolia Mahuva
Mimsops elangi Elangi
Polythenia longifolia Ashoka
Parkia bingadolssi Tennis ball tree
Pongamia pinneta Karanja
Smania saman Rain tree
Sigapore cherry Singapore cherry
Swetenia mahagony Mahagony
Tesposia populina Porus people
Terminelia cattapah Forest badam
Writia tintoria  
Sterculia Alata Budda nut
Sterculia Foteda Box badami
Simaruba Gluca Simaruba
Putranjiva Roxburghii
Adianthera Pavonica
Thevetia Peruviana
Lagerstroemia speciosa Pride of india

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