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Dendrocalamus Strictus

Dendrocalamus Strictus

We supply the best quality Dendrocalamus Strictus i.e. small bamboo. Our dendrocalamus strictus bamboo is draught resistant bamboo species that is extremely suitable for the low rainfall climates and soil. They grow in thick bush and are comparatively stronger than the big and hollow bamboos. They have other uses also than the usual fencing like making domestic utility products. In addition to it, we are one of the principal dendrocalamus strictus seeds suppliers in India. Dendracalmus strictus is very common species in south India, this is non thorn species. Small bamboo is also called solid bamboo because which is no hole inside the clumps. Small bamboo is drought resistant species, which is most suitable in low rainfall climates and soils. Which can be planted for live fencing with in 2- 3 years which will create the wall no doubt. The clumps are used in manufacture different domestic material, we can expect good returns from small bamboo bushes.


Details :

  • No. of plants from 1 Kg seeds-6,000-7000
  • Germination period-8 -10 days
  • Seeds treatment before sowing-Required
  • Growth in one year-6 - 7 feet
  • Maximum height-30 feet
  • Planting type-Seedling/ rhizomes planting

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