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Fencing Species

We offer wide varieties of Fencing Species for the purposes of grilling and framing wide open areas like farms and fields. The farm fencing species provided by us are accessible in a wide range like agave plants, acacia concinna, bambusa arundinacea and so on. They are mainly thorny shrubs widely used to keep stray animals away from the crops. They are a good means of protection from unwanted stuffs that can affect the growth of these crops. Additionally, our company is one of the leading fencing species seeds suppliers in India.



Botanical name Common name
Caesalpinia pulcherrima pulcherrima
Caesalpinia crista Gachhakkai /Chillar
Caesalpinia sappan Sappan


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Agave Plants

We bring forth the finest quality Agave Plants that are effectively used for the fencing of the farms. The blue agave plants we supply in the market have big and strong thrones, just like saw, which prevent unwanted cattle to penetrate the cultivated farm. They require no maintenance as they are drought resistant and can


Acacia Concinna

We offer superior quality Acacia Concinna, which is widely used in fencing the farm. The shikakai acacia concinna supplied by us in the market are fast growing bushy creepers with curvy thorns. Once the plant is grown fully, even the tallest animal like elephants can also not transgress into the cultivated farms. Besides, we


Bambusa Arundinacea

We bring forth the best quality Bambusa Arundinacea in the market. They are green color clumps that are variedly used for secure fencing of wide open areas or farm. They have sharp and strong thrones and grow as dense bush, so it is very difficult for the unwanted animals to cross the fence and destroy the fully cultivated


Dendrocalamus Strictus

We supply the best quality Dendrocalamus Strictus i.e. small bamboo. Our dendrocalamus strictus bamboo is draught resistant bamboo species that is extremely suitable for the low rainfall climates and soil. They grow in thick bush and are comparatively stronger than the big and hollow bamboos. They have other uses also than the


Jatropha Curcas

We present superior quality Jatropha Curcas in the market. They are non thorny species of fencing trees that attain the height of 4-5 feet, resembling green wall. Though they have no thorns but Jatropha Curcas release some latex, which is harmful for the animals. Thus, the animals keep away from this bushy plant. In addition to


Prosopis Juliflora

We are a predominant manufacturer of Prosopis Juliflora also known as mesquite and kabuli kikar. We are one of the eminent prosopis juliflora seeds suppliers, located in India. Our produced prosopis juliflora seeds are competent enough to grow into trees, even in unfavorable conditions or in any type of climatic conditions. We


Pithecellobium Dulce

We are specialized in the supplying of Pithecellobium Dulce, which is high in demand in tea & coffee estates. Suitable for all soils and different climates is the chef characteristics of our manufactured pithecellobium dulce seeds. We are one of the renowned dulce seeds suppliers, located in India. These seeds are so


Scented Acacia

Sweet Scented Acacia manufactured by us truly signify sweet smelling quality of acacia. We are one of the prominent acacia seeds suppliers, located in India, whose agricultural seeds are passed through various quality tests so as to assure the quality of the seeds. Our scented acacia also called acacia fernanciana (scented