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Moringa Oleifera Seeds Manufacturer

Moringa Oleifera Seeds

Often found wild in the forests but very commonly grown in households. It grows on a variety of soils but prefers alluvial soils with sufficient moisture. It is identified by thick, corky and deeply fissured bark and tripinnate leaf.

Family : Moringaceae

Common Name : Drumstick Tree

Telugu Name : Munaga

Flowering : The fragrant, whitish flowers in numerous panicles appear in January to March.

Fruiting : The elongated fruits ripen from April-June.

Morphology of the Fruit/Seed : Capsule 10 to 20 cms long: seeds 3 corned and about 2 to 3 cms long including the wings.

Seed Collection and Storage : Pods are collected in May-June, dried in the sun, thrashed and winnowed to separate the clean seeds which are dried and kept in air-tight container. Seeds lose viability considerably during the first year of storage.

Pretreatment : Not required.

Nursery Technique : Sunken beds alternated by irrigated channels are made after working the soil. Sowing is done in June in lines, 20 cms a part and the spacing between the seeds is 2 cms and depth is 1 cm. On completion of germination, the seedlings are spaced about 10 cms in lines. One year old seedling is planted out. Large branch cuttings are also used.

Seed Biology

No. of seeds per Kg. Germination percentage Period of germination days
8000 to 9000 60 to 70 8 to 10