Commercial Trees

Commercial Trees

The trees which generate good and assured returns we are called as a commercial trees. Here we have selected eight species as a commercial trees, among that Melia dubia is only the fast growing species which is only used for ply wood remaining all species are used for furniture and timber purposes. If we maintain well all these plantations will generate huge returns. Among all these species Gmelina arboria ( Sawan ) need compulsory watering other wise growth will be stopped, remaining species will survive even in worst conditions. The details of selected species are given in the table. If necessary we will provide project reports. From our organization we will provide seeds, plants and necessary suggestions in all the stages.

  • Acacia Springvale

  • Dalbergia Latifolia ( Rosewood )

  • Gmelina Arborea

  • Melia Dubia

  • Pterocarpus Santalinus

  • Santalum Album

  • Swietenia Mahogany

  • Tectona Grandis