Shade Trees

Shade Trees

Shade trees are very important in tea estates and coffee estates, because these plantations compulsory need minimum shade for good yield. This is another type of wealth of this plantation. From these shade trees three advantages one is required shade is available second while getting the shade unwanted branches should be removed this is most necessary for fire wood or fuel wood, third one is after 12-15 years these trees will become real money banks in the form of timber.

Since from decades we are supplying these shade tree seeds and seedling. The important shade tree details are as follows.   

Shade Trees

Botanical Name Common Name Propagation Plant Type
Acacia springvale New teak Seeds Moderate
Erythrina indica Indian coral trees Seeds/cutting Moderate
Acrocarpus flaxanifolius Pink cedar seeds Moderate
Albizzia richardiana Elephant tree seeds Moderate
Albizzia lebbeck Safed siris Seeds Moderate
Grevillia robusta Silver oak Seeds Moderate
Muntingia calabura Japanese cherry Fruits Thick
Samania Saman Rain tree Seeds Thick
Melia dubia Forest neem Seeds/clones Moderate
Gliricidia sepium Gliricidia seeds/cutting Moderate
Neolamarckia cadamba Kadamba seed tree

  • Acacia Springvale

  • Acrocarpus Fraxinifolius

  • Albizia Lebbeck

  • Albizia Richardiana

  • Erythrina Indica

  • Gliricidia Sepium

  • Grevillea Robusta

  • Melia Dubia

  • Muntingia Calabura

  • Neolamarckia Cadamba

  • Samania Saman

  • Cadamba Tree